I am a writer, poet, ethnographer, sociologist, creative director, and a digital storyteller.

I run DDA Globe, a multi-faceted digital space that presents frames of the global, the urban, and the social worlds, via the avenues of literature, culture, film, art, and research.

DDA partners with global media spaces like Differ.TV and AXD Magazine, collaborating with them to curate and create emotive & compelling stories, within the Art, Music, Film, Fashion, Education, and Technology industries.

DDA Globe also curates, creates, and guides other creatives’ digital visual presence.

I have worked globally as a sociologist, for many years at the United Nations, among others.

Now I want to tell these stories through art and text.

My book, ‘The Global Urban Public’, is coming out in 2020, with Palgrave Macmillan.

My other book, ‘Between Sex & Sadness’ is also coming out in 2020, alongside other poetry films, public poetry, and exhibitions in 2020-2022 like – ‘Sultry City Secrets’.