Urban Sociologist| Poet| Text-Based Artist| Creative Director|


Urban Sociologist| Poet| Text-Based Artist| Creative Director|


Born in Izmir, Turkey.  Raised in Melbourne, Australia. Loved and learned in Istanbul, Turkey.  

Work in several cities and countries – sociologist for large government, academic, and non-government organisations on issues pertaining to social cohesion, migration, diversity, minority rights, and women’s empowerment.   

Write poetry, prose, stories, and articles on ethnographic & sociological observations.

Work focuses on combining art, digital media, and urban sociology, to create an alchemy of transdisciplinary social connectedness.




BA, MA, PhD, Post Doctorate | Melbourne, Istanbul, Sydney, Berlin | International Relations, Politics, Inclusion, Identity, Belonging, Refugees, Migration, Europe, Mediterranean, & MENA region Society & Politics, Social Cohesion, Urban Cities, Social Connectedness.

Consulted, trained, taught, designed, & co-created classes, mindmaps, blueprints, & social indexes for non-government, private, academic, & government organisations in several global cities.

Taught | Behavioural Studies, International Relations & Development, EU, MENA, & Mediterranean Regional Society & Politics, Urban Sociology.















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